How to find a ‘lucky’ ride on amusement parks

I love finding amusement parks, and even more so finding rides on them.So, when I saw the announcement on Twitter that Zoomers had added a new attraction to its ‘Adventure Park’ line, I thought ‘this is definitely going to be something special’.Zoomers is a new line of rides that are part of the Adventure Park series.The park is the first […]

When will the Bayville amusement parks opening?

The Bayville entertainment park is slated to open on June 3, 2018, the second new amusement park in California this year.A new $8.5 million attraction, the Big Bay Bridge, will open in the spring.The Bayville Entertainment District in Bayville, 2017.Bayville, the largest entertainment district in California, opened in 2021, a year after the first two amusement parks opened.The entertainment […]