J’s amusement parks is closing

J’s entertainment and theme park has shut down for the winter due to “a lack of revenue,” the amusement park operator announced in a statement.The J’s franchisee, J’s Entertainment, said the decision to close the amusement parks came in light of the state’s low tourism growth and the need to maintain a sustainable business model.In February, the state government announced […]

How to take a dip in the sand at water amusement parks in Vegas

The waters of the Las Vegas Strip are so calm that a few dozen people have decided to take to the sand on a whim.The water park, which opened in 2013, is so popular that it has attracted crowds from around the world to dip in its pools.Here’s how to take the plunge and enjoy the experience at this popular […]

When water parks go into hibernation: A look back at the deadwood amusement parks

A lot has changed since the first water park shut down in the late 1800s.From water slides to rides, water parks have all been replaced by water sports, from swimming pools to underwater roller coasters.But the Deadwood amusement area, built in 1911 and reopened in 2012, is one of the most recognizable attractions in the city.The park is the heart […]

Which of the four new parks will you be able to visit at the end of 2017?

Vallejo, California (CNN) — There will be a lot of water attractions, a lot more water rides, a whole lot more fun.Here are four new water parks that will open this year.1.Aquafit Vallejos: A new water park in ValleJO, California.Located in the San Fernando Valley, the Aquafitar will be part of the new ValleJo Waterfront Park, which opens later this […]

How to escape a water amusement park

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