How to buy tickets for the Gatorade, Hot Dog and Beer Festival in South Carolina

The Gatorades, Hot Dogs and Beer festival is scheduled for June 14-16 at the Tennessee Pavilion in Chattanooga, Tennessee.But tickets for each of the three events will cost about $20.It’s a bit more than the ticket prices for the other three, but the extra money makes the price difference seem like a bargain.This year, tickets go on sale Friday, June […]

When will the latest wave of the amusement park wave begin?

A new wave of amusement park rides is expected to begin in Singapore soon, with some guests reportedly expecting to see “a new wave” of rides in 2018.The theme park operator said on Thursday it will start to offer new rides in 2019, but it has yet to confirm whether the rides will be at amusement parks in Australia, South […]

What is Opryland?

Oprylands amusement park in southern Italy, one of the world’s oldest amusement parks, is opening a new location in southern Sicily.The company behind the park, the Italian National Opera, announced that it had decided to close its Oprylanders amusement park at the resort town of Cagliari in southern Lazio.The resort town is located in the Adige Valley in southern Corsica.Opry […]