Why the World’s Worst Dog and Clown Aren’t Playing at Russia’s ‘Killer Clown’ Parade

The world’s worst animal, a cat, is being held up as an example of a successful clown show in Russia’s capital, according to the nation’s state-run news agency, RIA Novosti.A group of Russian clowns, called Kommissar and made up of professional clowns from the country’s top circus companies, performed an “experimental” show on the capital’s central square on Thursday night, […]

Polygon: Top 10 Most Memorable Moments from the 2017 Disney Polynesian Festival

This is the year Disney announced the 2018 Polynesians will take the Polynesia Islands to the next level.Disney Polynesia Adventure will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2019 with a special edition of the theme park’s latest ride, “Mermaid Splash,” where you can float with a sea monster.It will also feature an extra-sized ride, the “Merry Mermaid.”“Disney Polynesias Adventure is a […]

“We’re going to get them all!” says man who says he will rape and kill 3,000 women

Oklahomans who have sex with women who are younger than 21 are already facing new challenges, but one man has vowed to continue his assault against the vulnerable.Oklahoma City resident Scott Wilson told The Associated Press that he will take the revenge of his life on three women who were between the ages of 19 and 22 when they were […]