How to buy a new car for $7,500

In today’s market, you can get a car for a fraction of what you would pay at the original dealer, even if you’re not the type of person who has a lot of money.The difference is that you’re getting a car that’s brand-new, and not a new, used car that you paid a ton of money for.There are a few […]

Tesla, Apple, Google plan to build massive new data centers in Cleveland

The two tech companies are poised to create a massive data center in Cleveland.They’re the latest companies to plan for the future of data centers after a massive cloud computing boom in China fueled a boom in data centers around the world.The $1.6 billion project, known as Tesla’s Powerwall data center, will be the largest data center ever built in […]

Why the Disney World Resort is not the happiest place in town

When you’re sitting in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World, you can’t help but think of your parents.It’s not just the rides, it’s the decor.But when you’re in a park that is so beautiful, it can be hard to keep track of everything.We decided to find out which Disney World parks are the happiest in town.We asked guests a simple […]