An Unbelievable Tale of Two Rivers

An unexpected new attraction in the Omaha amusement park is opening this week. The attraction is the Christianity-themed Carowind’s, an all-day ride through a world of Bible-inspired fairy tales and fairy tales of men and women. In addition to the traditional fairy tale elements, the ride includes a video of a biblical prophet giving advice on how to make a beautiful garden, a carousel, and an “enchanting garden.” The ride is available […]

Buses and trolleys to operate in Georgia amid floods

Buses will run through Georgia, a state that was battered by a major flood in October, according to officials in the state capital of Tbilisi.The state’s governor has announced that a three-lane bus service is to be extended from the capital to the city of Gori, the capital of Gheorghe.The Gori bus will start operating from the new airport in […]

“We’re going to get them all!” says man who says he will rape and kill 3,000 women

Oklahomans who have sex with women who are younger than 21 are already facing new challenges, but one man has vowed to continue his assault against the vulnerable.Oklahoma City resident Scott Wilson told The Associated Press that he will take the revenge of his life on three women who were between the ages of 19 and 22 when they were […]