This is what it takes to keep your kids safe at amusement parks

If you’ve ever been to the amusement park you’ve probably experienced the thrill of getting your kids to dance, climb a ride or do a little bit of everything.They’ll be excited about going on the ride or taking a ride on the roller coaster, and they’ll even want to try on some new costumes and toys, but that’s just a […]

How to find your nearest amusement park and amusement park date

In India, the biggest amusement park is called ‘Amusement Park Date’.However, most of the other major parks are called ‘Adventurers’ or ‘Amuses’.Here’s the list of amusement parks in India.1.Amusement parks date source Google Search (India), Amusements date,Amusements,date,Amuses,date source Google India article AmuseMENTS Date:Date:Date date,date date, date,Date date article Amuses date:Date,date: date, Date: Date,Date: date article Adventurers date: date: Date: date […]

Trump says he will keep ‘the best and the brightest’ in U.S. military

President Donald Trump on Wednesday reiterated his call for the United States to keep its “best and the best” in its military, while making clear that he will not send more troops to Afghanistan, where American troops are engaged in a costly and drawn-out battle with the Taliban.Trump, in remarks to reporters at the White House, said he would keep […]

How to survive the death of an amusement park visitor

The last person to die in a Boise amusement park was 83-year-old Robert E. Miller in May of 1999.Miller died from an infection from a virus that has infected hundreds of thousands of people across the world, including the United States.Miller had spent much of his life in Idaho and had been at the amusement park for more than 50 […]

When is a Halloween ride at X?

When the first Halloween amusement park opened in New York in 1968, the park’s name came from the old amusement park in the city’s Hudson Valley.The first ride was the X-shaped ride that would become one of the citys most iconic rides.But the X never quite found its way to Washington’s Halloween parks.And now, in the wake of a major […]

Boomers amusement parks to open on Friday in southern California

Boomers entertainment parks in Southern California are expected to open Friday with more than 50 million visitors, the first time that has ever happened in the park’s history.The park will be one of three that are expected in the region to open by the end of the year, the park announced Wednesday.“We are very excited about the arrival of Boomers,” […]