Denmark unveils new amusement parks

Denmark is set to unveil a new amusement park as part of a major expansion to its theme park business.The new amusement zone, dubbed the “Bridgewater”, will be open by the end of the year and will feature attractions that are “uniquely Danish”, according to Danish newspaper Aftenposten.The park will open in two phases, beginning with the “Pineapple”, which will […]

Florida cops arrested for ‘possession of counterfeit money’

A Florida cop charged with running a criminal syndicate of counterfeit currency, jewelry, and credit cards is in custody after authorities say he had hundreds of counterfeit dollars and other items that were stolen from the amusement park of Kissimmeea.The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office announced Monday that 26-year-old Robert A. Hulley III was arrested in connection with the case, […]