When your child gets naked: ‘We’re trying to teach our children about the wonders of the outdoors’

A group of 10 children at a Pennsylvania park got naked for the first time Wednesday when they got their first look at the outdoor recreation of the wilds.It was a day of recreation for some children at Flintstones amusement parks in Chester County, Pa., when they decided to explore the outdoors.“We wanted to have a fun day, to do […]

Why do we want nude amusement parks in Scandia?

People have been visiting Scandias nude amusement park since the 1960s, but it wasn’t until 2011 that it was allowed to open to the public.The attraction has a history of sexual assault and harassment.In 2011, an Italian tourist reported being sexually assaulted while visiting the Scandian amusement park.At the time, Scandians attorney told reporters that the case was an isolated […]