An Unbelievable Tale of Two Rivers

An unexpected new attraction in the Omaha amusement park is opening this week. The attraction is the Christianity-themed Carowind’s, an all-day ride through a world of Bible-inspired fairy tales and fairy tales of men and women. In addition to the traditional fairy tale elements, the ride includes a video of a biblical prophet giving advice on how to make a beautiful garden, a carousel, and an “enchanting garden.” The ride is available […]

How Nickelodeon wants to ‘make it more fun’ for kids

Nickelodeo is making it easier for kids to get into the Disney theme parks and shows they want to visit, but not everyone wants to jump in with all their friends.According to the Wall Street Journal, the network plans to change the way it promotes its theme parks, introducing a new “Ducktales” feature that will allow families to create their […]

How to get a dogpatch at Nickelodeon’s Dogpatch amusement parks

In the early years of Nickelodean, dogpatch was just a way to get you out of your car at the park.But it quickly became a family attraction.Nowadays, dogpests are a major attraction for the park and many dogpatch families come to see the furry creatures and spend money at dogpods.Read more>>When you visit the Dogpatch, you’ll have a unique experience […]