Hollywood’s Haunted Overnight Resort to be renamed after movie star’s death

HALLMARK CITY, Tenn.— It was the most anticipated announcement for the year.But one year later, the theme park in Nashville, Tennessee, is taking the plunge and renaming its attraction after a popular Hollywood movie star.“Hollywood’s Haunted Paradise,” as it is being called, will open next year at the Hersey-Hemery amusement park in West Tennessee.In 2016, it was one of the […]

What you need to know about the Baltimore amusement park that was closed for five days due to ‘humanitarian concerns’

A visitor to Baltimore’s Midwest amusement park has reported seeing a man with a gun and a bag on a roof while he was inside the park.Key points:Police have said the man appeared to be “very aggressive” and “took over” the parkThe park reopened at 5:30am todayPolice said the park was closed “to assess safety”The park was temporarily closed after […]

How to get an amusement park ticket in the Midwest

The ticket is easy: go to your nearest amusement park.If you’re not sure where you are, ask your nearest park manager.If the answer is an amusement, it’ll give you a list of nearby attractions and then tell you the location of the closest parking lot.If not, it will list the nearest parking lot and ask you to show your ticket.The […]

A man who lost his life in a Disney theme park accident has a new family in Florida

A man whose body was found in an amusement park accident is getting a new home in Florida.Family members have been told by a judge that David Parnell, 42, is not a danger to the community and has never been arrested or convicted of a crime, The Tampa Bay Times reported Thursday.The family members have agreed to turn Parnel over […]