How to save money on rides at Disney’s California Adventure park

The park’s $8 million ride is the first in the chain to open in California, but it’s also one of the park’s best deals.You can get the ride for less than $60 and you get a lot of free rides.And the park has a ton of things for kids to do, too.It’s the only Disney theme park in California that […]

When will the latest wave of the amusement park wave begin?

A new wave of amusement park rides is expected to begin in Singapore soon, with some guests reportedly expecting to see “a new wave” of rides in 2018.The theme park operator said on Thursday it will start to offer new rides in 2019, but it has yet to confirm whether the rides will be at amusement parks in Australia, South […]

Why Disneyland is making some of the world’s most expensive rides available at Disneyland theme parks

The theme park operator has opened a few rides that will be available at Disney theme parks, including a new “Pirates of the Caribbean” attraction and a new nighttime attraction, which will be accessible for the first time at Disneyland park.“We’re excited to bring our new Pirates of the Pirates attraction and nighttime attraction to the Disneyland Resort,” Disneyland CEO […]

Why the World’s Worst Dog and Clown Aren’t Playing at Russia’s ‘Killer Clown’ Parade

The world’s worst animal, a cat, is being held up as an example of a successful clown show in Russia’s capital, according to the nation’s state-run news agency, RIA Novosti.A group of Russian clowns, called Kommissar and made up of professional clowns from the country’s top circus companies, performed an “experimental” show on the capital’s central square on Thursday night, […]