‘Wonderland’ trailer: ‘Daredevil’ star gets new look as he stars as Wonderland’s first ever villain

With Wonderland already on hiatus and Batman: The Brave and the Bold, fans have been hoping that the upcoming Wonderland sequel would be the one to finally give the superhero team a new villain.But instead, the upcoming movie, called Wonderland 2, has been given a very different look, and is expected to be the first Wonderland movie since the first […]

A new way to treat pain: Injection of opiates | By Andrew Harnik | The Washington Times

The United States is moving toward a new generation of pain medications that are designed to ease pain, not make it worse, and some of the medications have the potential to ease the burden on pain patients.The new medications have yet to be tested on humans.But research shows they may help patients cope with the pain that accompanies chronic pain.These […]