Why a company will build a new amusement park in New South Wales

A company in New York City is planning to build a world-class amusement park with the aim of becoming the first to open a full-size, retractable roller coaster at a national park in North America.The park, called EZ Roller, is expected to open in 2021.Its main attraction will be a giant indoor roller coaster called the EZ, which is designed […]

How to take a holiday to the Philippines

Inflatables is a toy park in the Philippines.It opened in 2009.Here are the rules for visiting the attraction.Inflatable amusement park: This is a park with a big focus on inflatables.Visitors can use inflatable balls and the like in this area.The toys are available for free, and there is a little mini inflatable mini-golf.There is also a kids area, but the […]

Which of the three countries are the most fun to be in?

The three countries most popular to be part of are all in the Pacific Ocean, with the US at the top of the list.The US has the biggest popularity, with about 1 in 5 people in the world visiting, followed by China, Japan and Canada.The next highest popularity is France with 1 in 4 people visiting.The most popular countries are […]