How to get into the world of amusement parks

You know that moment when you’re sitting at your computer screen and suddenly, you see something you’ve been dreaming about?The one with the guy from The Simpsons walking up to you in a green coat and asking you if you like to play video games?Yeah, you probably did.You know what?I’m actually not sure that’s what it was.It was more like […]

Hollywood’s Haunted Overnight Resort to be renamed after movie star’s death

HALLMARK CITY, Tenn.— It was the most anticipated announcement for the year.But one year later, the theme park in Nashville, Tennessee, is taking the plunge and renaming its attraction after a popular Hollywood movie star.“Hollywood’s Haunted Paradise,” as it is being called, will open next year at the Hersey-Hemery amusement park in West Tennessee.In 2016, it was one of the […]