Which of these three are best?

The first day of the Halloween celebration was the first of many days of terror, but in the last two days there has been a new, much more terrifying, terror in the city of Biloxi, Arkansas. “We’re looking at a lot of people being shot at, so there are a lot more casualties than usual,” says James “Crazy Joe” Gannon, who […]

When will you be opening the new Disneyland Resort?

The Anaheim, California-based Disneyland Resort will open at 6 a.m.PT on Oct. 31.The new park, which was originally planned for opening in 2017, is expected to open in 2020, according to a company spokesperson.The Anaheim resort will also be open for a second season in 2019.The park’s theme park will include attractions from Star Wars to Harry Potter and other […]

When is a Halloween ride at X?

When the first Halloween amusement park opened in New York in 1968, the park’s name came from the old amusement park in the city’s Hudson Valley.The first ride was the X-shaped ride that would become one of the citys most iconic rides.But the X never quite found its way to Washington’s Halloween parks.And now, in the wake of a major […]