The next big video game console from Nintendo is expected to hit store shelves on April 30, 2018

There is nothing quite like seeing a new Nintendo console in person, especially if it’s an upcoming system that has been in development for several years.The Wii U was an exciting step forward for the company, which launched its first console back in 2011 and has been continuously improving on that platform ever since.It had been the company’s mainstay since […]

Which amusement park is the hottest in town?

Funplex, a popular theme park in Cancun, Mexico, is on the list of the most popular theme parks in the world.It is the second most popular amusement park in the country after Disneyland.Funplex was the first theme park to open in the U.S. in 2011, and the second in Mexico.The park features roller coasters, water rides, rides for children, a […]

How to get a ride at Ellen’s amusement parks

Ride a bus, a train, or a boat to Ellen’s parks and then head to a bar for a good time.The amusement park giant, which is also the parent company of the Disney theme parks, said on Friday that it will offer a “fun ride” for its customers during the opening weekend of the 2020 Olympic Games.Fun ride?That depends.It will […]

What’s the best place to see the world’s best movie stars in Carolina

The best time to visit Carolina is between March and November, and this year the world has a new favorite time to see them: April.In fact, it was the third-best month of the year for the country’s biggest movie stars last year, with stars including Jennifer Lawrence, Tom Hardy, Emma Watson, Bradley Cooper and Brad Pitt in attendance.There’s something special […]

What’s next for amusement park in Florida?

A Florida amusement park is preparing for a major overhaul of its popular theme park.The park’s director says he plans to close some of the attractions after the winter season.The Florida theme park has about 300 rides and attractions in all of its parks and resorts, and it’s been in the news recently because of an ongoing legal battle with […]

Ferrari is launching a new service in the UK, offering ‘snowflake’ tickets for £19.99 (€24)

Ferrari is introducing a new snowflake ticket for £29.99 in the US, the US’s Walt Disney World resort announced on Wednesday.The tickets are being offered for the first time in the United States and are being distributed at Disney Parks across the country.The company said the tickets will be available on Monday, March 12.The new ticket is currently priced at […]