How to take a dip in the sand at water amusement parks in Vegas

The waters of the Las Vegas Strip are so calm that a few dozen people have decided to take to the sand on a whim.The water park, which opened in 2013, is so popular that it has attracted crowds from around the world to dip in its pools.Here’s how to take the plunge and enjoy the experience at this popular […]

Disney says it will cut jobs in the theme park business

Disney will cut thousands of jobs in its theme park division as it shifts to the mobile and entertainment-focused business, according to a memo obtained by The American Conservatives.The Disney theme park company announced the change of focus at its annual meeting Thursday.The company also said that it would no longer be investing in new theme parks.Disney said that Disney […]

Why the Baltimore area is getting a ‘fun’ theme park

The Baltimore area has a fun theme park called Bayville, which opened last month.But unlike other theme parks, this one is a family attraction.This is a fun, family-friendly theme park for families.It is open daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and the park offers family-oriented activities like a bounce house, water slide, miniature golf course and more.“We want to […]