How to deal with a death at the Bayville amusement parks

Deaths at Bayville, Cliffs and Cliffs amusement parks have been reported in recent weeks.The coronavirus pandemic has seen deaths at amusement parks and other tourist attractions at record levels.A total of seven deaths have been confirmed at Bayvillas amusement park in the past two weeks, according to the Australian Department of Health and Human Services.Three people have died at Cliffs […]

How to play ‘Zombielands’ at Dollywood amusement parks

The amusement park company that is home to the zombie movie “Zombies” has updated its rules to prohibit people from wearing “disorderly attire” on the park.The Dollywood resort announced in a blog post on Thursday that all park guests and employees must wear face masks or face coverings.“We would like to inform our guests that all of our guests and […]