Polygon: Top 10 Most Memorable Moments from the 2017 Disney Polynesian Festival

This is the year Disney announced the 2018 Polynesians will take the Polynesia Islands to the next level.Disney Polynesia Adventure will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2019 with a special edition of the theme park’s latest ride, “Mermaid Splash,” where you can float with a sea monster.It will also feature an extra-sized ride, the “Merry Mermaid.”“Disney Polynesias Adventure is a […]

Ferrari is launching a new service in the UK, offering ‘snowflake’ tickets for £19.99 (€24)

Ferrari is introducing a new snowflake ticket for £29.99 in the US, the US’s Walt Disney World resort announced on Wednesday.The tickets are being offered for the first time in the United States and are being distributed at Disney Parks across the country.The company said the tickets will be available on Monday, March 12.The new ticket is currently priced at […]

Why Disney will never stop developing the parks of Tomorrow

Disney is set to open a new theme park and theme park building next year in the city of Anaheim, California.The park will be called Tomorrowland and will feature a wide array of new rides and attractions, including a roller coaster that will be able to carry over from the original attraction, Disney World’s Haunted Mansion.Tomorrowland will be a theme […]

What do you know about the new movie, Pocahontas?

Here are the big names that we know about in the movie: A new Disney film is set to hit theaters on Friday, and a new Disney park is opening in Orlando on Thursday.It’s all part of Disney’s push to make a splash on the holiday season with a movie and a ride based on the 1881 classic Pocahntas.But the […]