Why a company will build a new amusement park in New South Wales

A company in New York City is planning to build a world-class amusement park with the aim of becoming the first to open a full-size, retractable roller coaster at a national park in North America.The park, called EZ Roller, is expected to open in 2021.Its main attraction will be a giant indoor roller coaster called the EZ, which is designed […]

When water parks go into hibernation: A look back at the deadwood amusement parks

A lot has changed since the first water park shut down in the late 1800s.From water slides to rides, water parks have all been replaced by water sports, from swimming pools to underwater roller coasters.But the Deadwood amusement area, built in 1911 and reopened in 2012, is one of the most recognizable attractions in the city.The park is the heart […]

Why Deadwood was a ‘bad movie’ for NHLers

Deadwood is a bad movie for every hockey fan.That’s not a criticism, of course.It’s just an observation.And it’s one that I think most hockey fans should make when they watch the new version of the beloved AMC show.The new movie is an abomination, an abominable, and a complete abomination.I know, I know.It makes me sad that people still watch it.That […]