This is what it takes to keep your kids safe at amusement parks

If you’ve ever been to the amusement park you’ve probably experienced the thrill of getting your kids to dance, climb a ride or do a little bit of everything.They’ll be excited about going on the ride or taking a ride on the roller coaster, and they’ll even want to try on some new costumes and toys, but that’s just a […]

Tesla, Apple, Google plan to build massive new data centers in Cleveland

The two tech companies are poised to create a massive data center in Cleveland.They’re the latest companies to plan for the future of data centers after a massive cloud computing boom in China fueled a boom in data centers around the world.The $1.6 billion project, known as Tesla’s Powerwall data center, will be the largest data center ever built in […]

‘Weird’ Disneyland photo posted online shows girl wearing bikini

The Times Of India has published a photo showing a woman wearing a bikini in an amusement park.The photo, posted on Instagram, has received more than 2.5 million likes in the past 24 hours.The woman, who does not appear to be wearing any makeup, is shown wearing a blue bikini with white detailing.The caption of the photo reads: “Weird, but […]

When the roller coaster fell into the ocean, it caused a massive chain reaction

Posted November 03, 2019 08:01:46The roller coaster in the amusement park amusement park in Dayton, Ohio, which plunged down a mountain last month killing four people, was part of an eight-mile chain of slides that can take up to 30 minutes to complete.The ride was supposed to open on Thursday but was pushed back because of the weather, according to […]