How to deal with a death at the Bayville amusement parks

Deaths at Bayville, Cliffs and Cliffs amusement parks have been reported in recent weeks.The coronavirus pandemic has seen deaths at amusement parks and other tourist attractions at record levels.A total of seven deaths have been confirmed at Bayvillas amusement park in the past two weeks, according to the Australian Department of Health and Human Services.Three people have died at Cliffs […]

How to find a ‘lucky’ ride on amusement parks

I love finding amusement parks, and even more so finding rides on them.So, when I saw the announcement on Twitter that Zoomers had added a new attraction to its ‘Adventure Park’ line, I thought ‘this is definitely going to be something special’.Zoomers is a new line of rides that are part of the Adventure Park series.The park is the first […]

Which haunted amusement park are you?

The theme park business is booming, with the latest statistics from the Association of Haunted Attractions showing that in 2016 there were nearly 1,000 new amusement parks opening in the U.S. and the theme parks industry was expected to reach nearly $1.2 billion in annual sales by 2021.But there’s one attraction that’s likely to be on the market for quite […]

Why Deadwood was a ‘bad movie’ for NHLers

Deadwood is a bad movie for every hockey fan.That’s not a criticism, of course.It’s just an observation.And it’s one that I think most hockey fans should make when they watch the new version of the beloved AMC show.The new movie is an abomination, an abominable, and a complete abomination.I know, I know.It makes me sad that people still watch it.That […]