How to save money on rides at Disney’s California Adventure park

The park’s $8 million ride is the first in the chain to open in California, but it’s also one of the park’s best deals.You can get the ride for less than $60 and you get a lot of free rides.And the park has a ton of things for kids to do, too.It’s the only Disney theme park in California that […]

How to escape the fallout from Chernobyl amusement parks

A year after the meltdown of the Soviet nuclear power plant in the Ukraine, people are still struggling to escape.Some people have relocated to other countries, others are looking for new ways to get around the deadly radioactive fallout.But many are still finding their way back to Chernobyl.The park, which opened last October in the Chernobyl exclusion zone, is the […]

How to spend your vacation: The Ultimate Guide to Free-Time Activities

A little over four years ago, Delgrosso opened the delgrosso park in Toronto’s west end.At the time, the park was a joint venture between Delgreens, a Canadian company that owns Delgros Delight, and a French-Canadian company called Delgados.But now, in 2017, the two companies have merged into one entity, DelGrosso Entertainment Inc., which owns the Delgos delight brand.This is a […]


TORONTA, Ontario—A new, all-new, all for one amusement park in Toronto is coming soon to a lot of parks across Canada.This year, the city is rolling out an all-day festival called the Toronto Jersies, an all day festival dedicated to animal trafficking, and is also planning to have an all ages festival with a live animal cast.It is set to […]