How to build a robot that can drive on water in the ocean

The first real robot that could travel through the ocean is just about here, thanks to a new invention by scientists from New York University.The new robot, dubbed Deep-sea robot, can navigate underwater using two of its four wheels.The team has made the robot’s two wheels that fold up like a backpack.It is able to carry up to 250 kilograms […]

‘Wonderland’ trailer: ‘Daredevil’ star gets new look as he stars as Wonderland’s first ever villain

With Wonderland already on hiatus and Batman: The Brave and the Bold, fans have been hoping that the upcoming Wonderland sequel would be the one to finally give the superhero team a new villain.But instead, the upcoming movie, called Wonderland 2, has been given a very different look, and is expected to be the first Wonderland movie since the first […]

“The Magic Kingdom’s” ‘The Adventure of Life and Death’ will be a theme park wallpaper for Disney’s upcoming Walt Disney World Resort in 2019

The new wallpaper for the new attraction, “The Adventure Of Life and Die” at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park, will debut at a later date.The theme park is expected to open sometime in 2019.In a post on Facebook, the park posted a video of the new wallpaper being applied to the main attraction, with the caption “It’s here.The Adventure of life […]

Carnival cruise ship with ‘panda-like’ attraction, $30 million in upgrades to its interior, a new mascot

New Orleans’ Carnival Cruise Line announced today that it will begin the construction of an “all-new” attraction to replace the “panda like” rides at its theme parks.The park’s “pandora ride” has become a symbol of the city’s cultural decline as the city prepares to host the world’s largest carnival, which will be held in 2017.“This is an important step in […]