How to buy the safest amusement park tickets

In 2016, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) published a detailed report which outlined the security of amusement parks around the country.It listed 10 major theme parks in Australia, including Disneyland, which had been closed for two years after a mass shooting in Orlando, Florida.The Disneyland Resort and Spa in Australia is now open and operating normally, while the Melbourne […]

Funland opens its second roller coaster after $100M in financing from investors, the company says

Funland, a $100 million amusement park in Michigan, has opened its second amusement park after more than $1 billion in funding from investors.The company, which has been a long-term partner with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, has secured a $80 million loan from the Michigan General Investment Corporation, according to the company.The park, which opened in December 2016, will feature […]