What happens when a boomer gets his wish to get married

In a world of ever-expanding social networks and new ways of living, people are getting married at ever-increasing rates.And as they get married, it’s not just the couples who are finding new ways to meet and get married; they’re also finding new family members.This is part of what makes this boom so fascinating to us.The boom has spawned so many […]

How the boomers entertainment park’s amusement park picture came to be

It was a sunny July day in 2003, when the owner of an amusement park in the United States took his first trip to a country resort.“It was a good day,” says Jeff Kollins, who owns the Boomers Park in South Dakota.In the early 1980s, Kollin was a marketing executive in the amusement industry.He’d always liked to spend time with […]

How to get inside the Inside Adventure Park

It’s time to check out the inside of the new Inside Adventure park in Denver, Colorado, a big new theme park in the city’s northwest.Located in the center of Denver, the attraction has more than 30 attractions, including a roller coaster, a hoverboard and a water park.The new park is located just north of the historic downtown, and the theme […]

Boomers amusement parks to open on Friday in southern California

Boomers entertainment parks in Southern California are expected to open Friday with more than 50 million visitors, the first time that has ever happened in the park’s history.The park will be one of three that are expected in the region to open by the end of the year, the park announced Wednesday.“We are very excited about the arrival of Boomers,” […]