How do you protect your park?

JERUSALEM (AFP) – Amusement parks are in the crosshairs of a new amusement park safety law which would force them to provide video surveillance to police, a top amusement park official said Tuesday.“We’re not saying they’re not safe, we’re just saying that it’s a bit difficult to have a clear picture of what they’re doing,” Amusements Park owner Ronan Eichenberger […]

“The Magic Kingdom’s” ‘The Adventure of Life and Death’ will be a theme park wallpaper for Disney’s upcoming Walt Disney World Resort in 2019

The new wallpaper for the new attraction, “The Adventure Of Life and Die” at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park, will debut at a later date.The theme park is expected to open sometime in 2019.In a post on Facebook, the park posted a video of the new wallpaper being applied to the main attraction, with the caption “It’s here.The Adventure of life […]

How the boomers entertainment park’s amusement park picture came to be

It was a sunny July day in 2003, when the owner of an amusement park in the United States took his first trip to a country resort.“It was a good day,” says Jeff Kollins, who owns the Boomers Park in South Dakota.In the early 1980s, Kollin was a marketing executive in the amusement industry.He’d always liked to spend time with […]