How to get your favourite virtual reality games in your virtual reality headset

A new virtual reality game is set to hit Steam for the first time.It’s called “The Void,” and it’s set to launch on April 30 for $39.99.It’s a VR game, not a console game, but it does have SteamVR support, so you’ll be able to play with the headset on your PC.“The Void” is a game that puts players in […]

How to get a ride at Tivoli at night

You might think you’re getting a good night’s sleep in a theme park when the lights go out, but there’s another place to spend your night that’s just as good.┬áTivoli Night is a three-night-per-year carnival at Tivo in Aurora, Illinois, a theme-park company owned by Disneyland.The night’s theme is “Sister Night” and its attraction is Sister Night at Tiva.The three-day […]

‘You have to be very, very careful’: New rules for carnival amusement parks

SANTA ANA, Calif.— New rules for amusement parks at Disneyland, Walt Disney World and Universal Studios say that visitors must wear masks while attending the parks, including for those who have medical conditions that might interfere with the use of an electronic device.The guidelines, issued on Friday, were in response to reports of children and adults being injured at the […]

When will the Bayville amusement parks opening?

The Bayville entertainment park is slated to open on June 3, 2018, the second new amusement park in California this year.A new $8.5 million attraction, the Big Bay Bridge, will open in the spring.The Bayville Entertainment District in Bayville, 2017.Bayville, the largest entertainment district in California, opened in 2021, a year after the first two amusement parks opened.The entertainment […]