Two children rescued after shark attack on Amusement Park in Las Vegas

By SABRAM CHANDRAANIC/Associated PressA shark attack at an amusement park in Las Venezias, California, on Thursday has left two children and one adult wounded.The attack happened at the amusement park’s Giant Squid Pavilion when a child and a man got into a fight with the shark, according to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.The victim, a 10-year-old boy, was taken […]

Toy store for a year and counting: Fun-sized rides for kids

Fun-size rides are just that, tiny rides.That’s why we’ve created a new collection of amusement park themed toys to satisfy kids and parents alike.They include a collection of mini-ride toys for the younger ones, an assortment of fun toys for older kids and adults, a mini-train, and even a little toy train.All of these toys come with plenty of goodies […]

Funland opens its second roller coaster after $100M in financing from investors, the company says

Funland, a $100 million amusement park in Michigan, has opened its second amusement park after more than $1 billion in funding from investors.The company, which has been a long-term partner with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, has secured a $80 million loan from the Michigan General Investment Corporation, according to the company.The park, which opened in December 2016, will feature […]