How do you protect your park?

JERUSALEM (AFP) – Amusement parks are in the crosshairs of a new amusement park safety law which would force them to provide video surveillance to police, a top amusement park official said Tuesday.“We’re not saying they’re not safe, we’re just saying that it’s a bit difficult to have a clear picture of what they’re doing,” Amusements Park owner Ronan Eichenberger […]

Carnival cruise ship with ‘panda-like’ attraction, $30 million in upgrades to its interior, a new mascot

New Orleans’ Carnival Cruise Line announced today that it will begin the construction of an “all-new” attraction to replace the “panda like” rides at its theme parks.The park’s “pandora ride” has become a symbol of the city’s cultural decline as the city prepares to host the world’s largest carnival, which will be held in 2017.“This is an important step in […]