‘Wonderland’ trailer: ‘Daredevil’ star gets new look as he stars as Wonderland’s first ever villain

With Wonderland already on hiatus and Batman: The Brave and the Bold, fans have been hoping that the upcoming Wonderland sequel would be the one to finally give the superhero team a new villain.But instead, the upcoming movie, called Wonderland 2, has been given a very different look, and is expected to be the first Wonderland movie since the first […]

How to find your nearest amusement park and amusement park date

In India, the biggest amusement park is called ‘Amusement Park Date’.However, most of the other major parks are called ‘Adventurers’ or ‘Amuses’.Here’s the list of amusement parks in India.1.Amusement parks date source Google Search (India), Amusements date,Amusements,date,Amuses,date source Google India article AmuseMENTS Date:Date:Date date,date date, date,Date date article Amuses date:Date,date: date, Date: Date,Date: date article Adventurers date: date: Date: date […]

Denmark unveils new amusement parks

Denmark is set to unveil a new amusement park as part of a major expansion to its theme park business.The new amusement zone, dubbed the “Bridgewater”, will be open by the end of the year and will feature attractions that are “uniquely Danish”, according to Danish newspaper Aftenposten.The park will open in two phases, beginning with the “Pineapple”, which will […]

How to beat ‘Halloween’ in a row without losing any money

Posted February 05, 2018 05:33:28I have been playing a lot of video games this year.I haven’t really spent any money on them, but I did play “Halloween” a lot.The theme park attraction is a really fun game.It’s very challenging, and if you do it right, you can beat it in just under five minutes.I’m going to show you how to […]