Two children rescued after shark attack on Amusement Park in Las Vegas

By SABRAM CHANDRAANIC/Associated PressA shark attack at an amusement park in Las Venezias, California, on Thursday has left two children and one adult wounded.The attack happened at the amusement park’s Giant Squid Pavilion when a child and a man got into a fight with the shark, according to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.The victim, a 10-year-old boy, was taken […]

How to get a ride at Tivoli at night

You might think you’re getting a good night’s sleep in a theme park when the lights go out, but there’s another place to spend your night that’s just as good.┬áTivoli Night is a three-night-per-year carnival at Tivo in Aurora, Illinois, a theme-park company owned by Disneyland.The night’s theme is “Sister Night” and its attraction is Sister Night at Tiva.The three-day […]

How to build a robot that can drive on water in the ocean

The first real robot that could travel through the ocean is just about here, thanks to a new invention by scientists from New York University.The new robot, dubbed Deep-sea robot, can navigate underwater using two of its four wheels.The team has made the robot’s two wheels that fold up like a backpack.It is able to carry up to 250 kilograms […]

How to buy tickets for the Gatorade, Hot Dog and Beer Festival in South Carolina

The Gatorades, Hot Dogs and Beer festival is scheduled for June 14-16 at the Tennessee Pavilion in Chattanooga, Tennessee.But tickets for each of the three events will cost about $20.It’s a bit more than the ticket prices for the other three, but the extra money makes the price difference seem like a bargain.This year, tickets go on sale Friday, June […]

How to take a dip in the sand at water amusement parks in Vegas

The waters of the Las Vegas Strip are so calm that a few dozen people have decided to take to the sand on a whim.The water park, which opened in 2013, is so popular that it has attracted crowds from around the world to dip in its pools.Here’s how to take the plunge and enjoy the experience at this popular […]

How to make your amusement park stock grow

You’re not the only one who’s been getting the thrill of a roller coaster and a hot tub at Disneyland.In the world of stocks, a few different strategies exist for investors to help you capitalize on these thrill rides.There are companies that invest in the companies themselves, and there are also stock-picking strategies.But it’s the stock picking strategy that we’ll […]

How to save money on rides at Disney’s California Adventure park

The park’s $8 million ride is the first in the chain to open in California, but it’s also one of the park’s best deals.You can get the ride for less than $60 and you get a lot of free rides.And the park has a ton of things for kids to do, too.It’s the only Disney theme park in California that […]

Disney’s Haunted Mansion: The New Adventures

It’s been a wild ride to the top of the Haunted Mansion!We caught up with some of the creators behind the attraction to see what’s coming up next.Article We’ve already seen what’s going on inside, and now it’s time to see if the new attraction is going to make it all the way to the big screen.The Haunted Mansion is […]

When will the latest wave of the amusement park wave begin?

A new wave of amusement park rides is expected to begin in Singapore soon, with some guests reportedly expecting to see “a new wave” of rides in 2018.The theme park operator said on Thursday it will start to offer new rides in 2019, but it has yet to confirm whether the rides will be at amusement parks in Australia, South […]

The next big video game console from Nintendo is expected to hit store shelves on April 30, 2018

There is nothing quite like seeing a new Nintendo console in person, especially if it’s an upcoming system that has been in development for several years.The Wii U was an exciting step forward for the company, which launched its first console back in 2011 and has been continuously improving on that platform ever since.It had been the company’s mainstay since […]