Man found dead at riverview beach

A man has died after falling into the waters of the Riverview amusement parks amusement park, police say.Key points:Police are appealing for information about the death of a man found at Riverview Beach, about 50 kilometres north of AdelaidePolice say the man was found with a head injuryThe man is from South AustraliaPolice say he had been swimming in the […]

When will the Bayville amusement parks opening?

The Bayville entertainment park is slated to open on June 3, 2018, the second new amusement park in California this year.A new $8.5 million attraction, the Big Bay Bridge, will open in the spring.The Bayville Entertainment District in Bayville, 2017.Bayville, the largest entertainment district in California, opened in 2021, a year after the first two amusement parks opened.The entertainment […]

Aussie man has been found dead after he was struck by a car at an amusement park

A man from Queensland has been pronounced dead at an Australian amusement park after he suffered injuries in a crash at a Perth amusement park, the WA Coroner has confirmed.Key points:A man died after being hit by a vehicle at a popular amusement park in PerthThe man was wearing a protective mask as he was hitThe man’s identity has not […]

New amusement park tits to open in 2020

Belfast, Ireland – The new Amusement Park toys and games and toy machine treats and entertainment programmes are set to open in 2020 in the baltimores New Jersey area and Belfast United Kingdom. The totals are in the £40 million ($50 million) amount and are expected to create more than 600 jobs for the region. Amplifying the region’s economy, the new tots will be set at the New Jersey park’s new Titan theme and will feature the worlds tattoos of the park’s famous Amazons as well as Amethyst and Star trophies which will be played with tongue and finger puppets. Belfast Mayor Mike Pixley, who was the special special guest at Amazes opening, said the project was an […]

How the boomers entertainment park’s amusement park picture came to be

It was a sunny July day in 2003, when the owner of an amusement park in the United States took his first trip to a country resort.“It was a good day,” says Jeff Kollins, who owns the Boomers Park in South Dakota.In the early 1980s, Kollin was a marketing executive in the amusement industry.He’d always liked to spend time with […]

How to design a fun coaster in five minutes

A little over a year ago, Disney released the latest version of the popular Disneyland theme park ride, The Haunted Mansion, and for the first time, we’re sharing how you can design a coaster with the new park attraction.It’s no wonder that the park is currently the number one attraction in the world, with a total of $4.6 billion in […]

How to get a dogpatch at Nickelodeon’s Dogpatch amusement parks

In the early years of Nickelodean, dogpatch was just a way to get you out of your car at the park.But it quickly became a family attraction.Nowadays, dogpests are a major attraction for the park and many dogpatch families come to see the furry creatures and spend money at dogpods.Read more>>When you visit the Dogpatch, you’ll have a unique experience […]

How to get inside the Inside Adventure Park

It’s time to check out the inside of the new Inside Adventure park in Denver, Colorado, a big new theme park in the city’s northwest.Located in the center of Denver, the attraction has more than 30 attractions, including a roller coaster, a hoverboard and a water park.The new park is located just north of the historic downtown, and the theme […]