Disneyland amusement parks could reopen within three years

Disneys theme parks in California, Florida, California and Florida have all closed in recent years due to safety concerns, but a major refurbishment of the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, is scheduled to begin in three to four years.A new theme park will open at Disneyland in 2019 that will include a new water park, amusement park rides, a theme […]

‘Wanted’ sign in north park gets the attention of authorities

The “Wanted” sign in the north-east of the park, where the latest crime spree is believed to have taken place, has received the attention and attention of local and national police, after being spotted by a passerby.“This is the first time I’ve seen anything like this, I’m so surprised,” one resident said.One person who said they saw the “Went to […]