Why Disney will release a Pixar-themed ride at Disneyland park

Posted November 05, 2019 07:16:16It was a pretty big deal.Disney announced in October that it would release a “pixar-themed” attraction at its theme parks across the country.That included a ride at Walt Disney World, a ride in Epcot and a ride, “Toy Story 4: The Power of Two,” at Disneyland.But the parks themselves would only get a “smaller, more limited” […]

What happens when a boomer gets his wish to get married

In a world of ever-expanding social networks and new ways of living, people are getting married at ever-increasing rates.And as they get married, it’s not just the couples who are finding new ways to meet and get married; they’re also finding new family members.This is part of what makes this boom so fascinating to us.The boom has spawned so many […]