What you need to know about the Baltimore amusement park that was closed for five days due to ‘humanitarian concerns’

A visitor to Baltimore’s Midwest amusement park has reported seeing a man with a gun and a bag on a roof while he was inside the park.Key points:Police have said the man appeared to be “very aggressive” and “took over” the parkThe park reopened at 5:30am todayPolice said the park was closed “to assess safety”The park was temporarily closed after […]

When you want to get your photo taken at one of Cincinnati’s amusement parks, don’t forget to bring a tripod!

By John MartinAssociated PressCincinnati (AP) The theme park owner behind some of the biggest rides at Cincinnati’s theme parks says it’s making a big change.The Cincinnati Art Museum says it will offer free photo opportunities during its spring and summer season.The museum says it wants to encourage visitors to take photos of their attractions during the park’s first week in […]