When you go to Kollywood, it is OK to wear masks, says Kollywood actress – CNN

The days of wearing masks are over in India, where the country is the second-largest movie market in the world after China.But the country’s most celebrated actor, Shah Rukh Khan, said that the world should be wary of the dangers posed by masks, as they can mask the truth about what really goes on behind the scenes.“The masks that are […]

How to find your nearest amusement park and amusement park date

In India, the biggest amusement park is called ‘Amusement Park Date’.However, most of the other major parks are called ‘Adventurers’ or ‘Amuses’.Here’s the list of amusement parks in India.1.Amusement parks date source Google Search (India), Amusements date,Amusements,date,Amuses,date source Google India article AmuseMENTS Date:Date:Date date,date date, date,Date date article Amuses date:Date,date: date, Date: Date,Date: date article Adventurers date: date: Date: date […]