How to get to the amusement park closest to you

You may have seen the word “amusement park” on TV or in magazines, but if you’re looking for one close to you, you’re in the right place.It’s the closest to the mall in most metropolitan areas, and a quick drive away from the nearest grocery store. If you’re not sure where to go, here’s a map showing all of the major […]

An Unbelievable Tale of Two Rivers

An unexpected new attraction in the Omaha amusement park is opening this week. The attraction is the Christianity-themed Carowind’s, an all-day ride through a world of Bible-inspired fairy tales and fairy tales of men and women. In addition to the traditional fairy tale elements, the ride includes a video of a biblical prophet giving advice on how to make a beautiful garden, a carousel, and an “enchanting garden.” The ride is available […]

“The Magic Kingdom’s” ‘The Adventure of Life and Death’ will be a theme park wallpaper for Disney’s upcoming Walt Disney World Resort in 2019

The new wallpaper for the new attraction, “The Adventure Of Life and Die” at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park, will debut at a later date.The theme park is expected to open sometime in 2019.In a post on Facebook, the park posted a video of the new wallpaper being applied to the main attraction, with the caption “It’s here.The Adventure of life […]