Hollywood’s Haunted Overnight Resort to be renamed after movie star’s death

HALLMARK CITY, Tenn.— It was the most anticipated announcement for the year.But one year later, the theme park in Nashville, Tennessee, is taking the plunge and renaming its attraction after a popular Hollywood movie star.“Hollywood’s Haunted Paradise,” as it is being called, will open next year at the Hersey-Hemery amusement park in West Tennessee.In 2016, it was one of the […]

When Chinese amusement park shuts down, ‘we’re not leaving any stone unturned’

Shanghai, China — The Shanghai Disneyland is closing down for the winter.It was shut down last summer for a major renovation, but the park was reopened this winter to allow it to return to its normal function of providing entertainment and experiences to the public.When it opens again, it will be the biggest amusement park in the world.Its operators have […]

What’s happening at Adventureland?

A video of a group of people being evacuated from Adventureland amusement parks is making headlines around the country.The video was uploaded to YouTube on Thursday by a person who claims to be a representative of the company that operates Adventureland.The footage shows people being escorted from the theme park in Anaheim, California.It shows a large crowd, including some children, […]

Toy store for a year and counting: Fun-sized rides for kids

Fun-size rides are just that, tiny rides.That’s why we’ve created a new collection of amusement park themed toys to satisfy kids and parents alike.They include a collection of mini-ride toys for the younger ones, an assortment of fun toys for older kids and adults, a mini-train, and even a little toy train.All of these toys come with plenty of goodies […]

When Will You Die Again?

When Will you Die Again, a film directed by Matt Taibbi, stars Matt Damon as a man who, as he ages, discovers that he has cancer.The film’s release on July 10, 2018, is the latest to see a major Hollywood studio follow the same path as The Birth of a Nation.The Birth Of A Nation is a documentary that chronicles […]

What you need to know about the Baltimore amusement park that was closed for five days due to ‘humanitarian concerns’

A visitor to Baltimore’s Midwest amusement park has reported seeing a man with a gun and a bag on a roof while he was inside the park.Key points:Police have said the man appeared to be “very aggressive” and “took over” the parkThe park reopened at 5:30am todayPolice said the park was closed “to assess safety”The park was temporarily closed after […]

When you want to get your photo taken at one of Cincinnati’s amusement parks, don’t forget to bring a tripod!

By John MartinAssociated PressCincinnati (AP) The theme park owner behind some of the biggest rides at Cincinnati’s theme parks says it’s making a big change.The Cincinnati Art Museum says it will offer free photo opportunities during its spring and summer season.The museum says it wants to encourage visitors to take photos of their attractions during the park’s first week in […]

How to deal with a death at the Bayville amusement parks

Deaths at Bayville, Cliffs and Cliffs amusement parks have been reported in recent weeks.The coronavirus pandemic has seen deaths at amusement parks and other tourist attractions at record levels.A total of seven deaths have been confirmed at Bayvillas amusement park in the past two weeks, according to the Australian Department of Health and Human Services.Three people have died at Cliffs […]

How to make a roller coaster at home

A roller coaster has become a popular attraction in many countries around the world.Now, a small team in Canada is looking to do just that, with the help of a 3D printer.The company behind the project is a team of Canadian engineers working with a Canadian firm, Stratasys, to design a roller coaster that can be built in three different […]

How to Make Your Own Amusement Park Layout with LEGO

Amusements park layout are often made by combining the different types of structures such as the roller coaster, house and the amusement ride.You can make a lot of them at home with a few basic LEGO pieces and a bit of patience.You’ll need to find a place to store your pieces, a couple of screws and some wood screws to […]