How to make the most of your Quassy Adventureland amusement parks

How do you maximize your Quady Adventureland park experience?We have a few suggestions that will make the experience even better for you.Read moreWhat you need to know about QuassyAdventureland

When the roller coaster fell into the ocean, it caused a massive chain reaction

Posted November 03, 2019 08:01:46The roller coaster in the amusement park amusement park in Dayton, Ohio, which plunged down a mountain last month killing four people, was part of an eight-mile chain of slides that can take up to 30 minutes to complete.The ride was supposed to open on Thursday but was pushed back because of the weather, according to […]

Why is this bakky amusement park closed?

A popular amusement park in south-eastern South Korea has closed after a fire swept through the building.The fire was reported at the Bakken theme park on Friday night.Bakken said the fire was under control at the time of the incident.It said it was investigating the cause of the fire.This is the second time this year that a bakkie park has […]