How to get rid of creepy clowns in the US

A new study has found that the number of sightings of clowns across the country is falling, but how to get around the problem is still an open question.The study, which was published in the journal PLOS ONE, found that of the 3,854 sightings of “creepiness” by the National Park Service, only a fraction were recorded by park staff.The rest […]

How to buy the safest amusement park tickets

In 2016, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) published a detailed report which outlined the security of amusement parks around the country.It listed 10 major theme parks in Australia, including Disneyland, which had been closed for two years after a mass shooting in Orlando, Florida.The Disneyland Resort and Spa in Australia is now open and operating normally, while the Melbourne […]

When will you be opening the new Disneyland Resort?

The Anaheim, California-based Disneyland Resort will open at 6 a.m.PT on Oct. 31.The new park, which was originally planned for opening in 2017, is expected to open in 2020, according to a company spokesperson.The Anaheim resort will also be open for a second season in 2019.The park’s theme park will include attractions from Star Wars to Harry Potter and other […]