How to make a fake Christian amusement park in less than an hour

I love how Disney’s Animal Kingdom parks are a great example of how you can create an amusement park that’s very fun for children.It’s really simple to create an animal park that is really immersive for children, but you need a few tricks to make it truly enjoyable for all ages.For starters, the park will need to be themed to […]

How to get a dogpatch at Nickelodeon’s Dogpatch amusement parks

In the early years of Nickelodean, dogpatch was just a way to get you out of your car at the park.But it quickly became a family attraction.Nowadays, dogpests are a major attraction for the park and many dogpatch families come to see the furry creatures and spend money at dogpods.Read more>>When you visit the Dogpatch, you’ll have a unique experience […]

Why Disneyland and Disney World’s Magic Kingdom are both worth it

When I was a kid, we had a lot of fun at Disneyland.When we came back from a trip to Mexico, the crowds were so great that the park’s crowds were even better.But the days of the Magic Kingdom were not quite so good.Disney World is the Disneyland of today, and its popularity has been declining ever since the Walt […]