TORONTA, Ontario—A new, all-new, all for one amusement park in Toronto is coming soon to a lot of parks across Canada.This year, the city is rolling out an all-day festival called the Toronto Jersies, an all day festival dedicated to animal trafficking, and is also planning to have an all ages festival with a live animal cast.It is set to […]

How to get to Disneyland for your birthday

With a birthday in the cards, it’s time to plan your birthday parties for the week ahead.With so many options for birthday parties at the park, it can be hard to choose the perfect one for you.So how do you know which park to visit?Here’s a quick guide to what you should know before you go to Disneyland.1.Birthday Parties at […]

How to get inside the Inside Adventure Park

It’s time to check out the inside of the new Inside Adventure park in Denver, Colorado, a big new theme park in the city’s northwest.Located in the center of Denver, the attraction has more than 30 attractions, including a roller coaster, a hoverboard and a water park.The new park is located just north of the historic downtown, and the theme […]

Boomers amusement parks to open on Friday in southern California

Boomers entertainment parks in Southern California are expected to open Friday with more than 50 million visitors, the first time that has ever happened in the park’s history.The park will be one of three that are expected in the region to open by the end of the year, the park announced Wednesday.“We are very excited about the arrival of Boomers,” […]

What we know about the park’s opening day and the new attraction at Lake Tibidobo

LOUISVILLE, Ky.— Louisville’s Lake Tiberias new amusement park opened on Monday, but it won’t open for visitors until next week.The park is the first of a two-part deal that will open for the public next week and then open for regular park visitors on Oct. 1, said park operator John C. Perna.Louisville Public Schools released a map showing which attractions […]

Why did the FA decide to cancel the game with the FA Cup?

The FA have cancelled the fixture against Everton in November with the decision to replace the FA Premier League with the Football League having been taken at a meeting on Monday night. The game between Everton and Manchester United in November was one of the best in recent memory and it was due to take place at the ground. However, the FA […]