Disneyland amusement parks could reopen within three years

Disneys theme parks in California, Florida, California and Florida have all closed in recent years due to safety concerns, but a major refurbishment of the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, is scheduled to begin in three to four years.A new theme park will open at Disneyland in 2019 that will include a new water park, amusement park rides, a theme […]

‘Wanted’ sign in north park gets the attention of authorities

The “Wanted” sign in the north-east of the park, where the latest crime spree is believed to have taken place, has received the attention and attention of local and national police, after being spotted by a passerby.“This is the first time I’ve seen anything like this, I’m so surprised,” one resident said.One person who said they saw the “Went to […]

How do you protect your park?

JERUSALEM (AFP) – Amusement parks are in the crosshairs of a new amusement park safety law which would force them to provide video surveillance to police, a top amusement park official said Tuesday.“We’re not saying they’re not safe, we’re just saying that it’s a bit difficult to have a clear picture of what they’re doing,” Amusements Park owner Ronan Eichenberger […]

Which amusement park will open its doors next year?

An amusement park in New Jersey will open in 2019 after more than 20 years of planning, according to a release from the New Jersey Department of Tourism.The amusement park, which opened in the summer of 2000, has become a tourist destination and a popular tourist destination for the city of New York.The park will also host the 2019 World […]

How to get into the world of amusement parks

You know that moment when you’re sitting at your computer screen and suddenly, you see something you’ve been dreaming about?The one with the guy from The Simpsons walking up to you in a green coat and asking you if you like to play video games?Yeah, you probably did.You know what?I’m actually not sure that’s what it was.It was more like […]

Which hotel is best to visit in Cleveland?

There are many things to choose from when choosing a hotel in Cleveland, but one of the top attractions to visit on any given day is the Cleveland amusement park.The park is a short drive away from Cleveland International Airport, and if you have a quick car, you can take a scenic walk or bike ride down to the amusement […]

How to watch the 2018 NBA Finals from Disneyland in California

Disneyland is in full force this summer, and for the first time ever, the California State Parks and Recreation Department has posted an interactive video featuring the highlights of the NBA Finals on its website.You’ll find all the details, including how to watch from Disneyland, as well as the game and highlights, below.If you can’t make it to Disneyland, you […]

When will we see the new phoenix park?

We’ll be seeing a phoenix theme park soon.It’s part of a broader project to bring more amusement park attractions to Phoenix and surrounding areas.A few months ago, Disney announced that it was opening a new attraction park in the Phoenix area, as well as a park in Tucson, Arizona.Today, we’re learning that the theme park that Disney announced is going […]

How to find a cheap, good-sized vacation in Vancouver

A resort is like a dreamland.It’s a place where you can get away from all the stresses of life, and it’s also where you could spend the night.It doesn’t get much better than a vacation at the Legoland┬« amusement park in Vancouver, where you and a group of friends can go to your room, play video games, relax, and have […]

Which amusement parks are best in Southern California?

Abandoned amusement parks and roller coasters are great in Southern Cali, but we’re here to tell you about the top 10 amusement parks in California, as ranked by BleacherReport readers.With that in mind, Bleacher is ranking the top 5 amusement parks to visit in Southern Califon.Here’s what you need to know about our list.1.Kingsbury’s Kingsbury amusement park in Kingsbury, California, […]